Can I make changes to an order I made?

Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to your order or address information once the order has been placed, since our order processes run automatically. In case you regret the content of your order, you can deny receiving it and it will be returned to our warehouse and refunded. This will cost a return fee. In case you accidently made an error in the address information, it might be returned to us depending on the type of error. In that case, your order will be refunded.


I have placed an order but haven't received an order confirmation - is my order accepted?

Please check your e-mail spam filter first. In case you don't find your order confirmation here, there is a risk that your order hasn't been properly registered. Please contact our customer service to confirm that your order has been accepted. Your payment will not be charged until we dispatch your order.


I am missing an item in my order - what do I do? 

If your order missing an item it could either be that the item is sold out and there we have had to cancel the item. If this is the case we should have send you and email regarding this. Otherwise it may because we forgot to include the item to your order by mistake. In that case please contact us on support@astralis.gg


My order seems to be delayed - what should I do?

If you haven't received your parcel 6 working days after placing your order, it may be due to delays with DHL or our warehouse being unusually busy. Please contact us so we can ensure you receive your parcel as quickly as possible. Please note: Longer delivery times during certain campaigns, such as sales and Black Friday, may occur.



I am experiencing problems during checkout - what do I do? 

Please try another browser - preferably Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox. If this doesn't help, there might be a technical error and we would love to hear from you in order for us to solve the problem and help you complete your order.